Monday, July 5, 2010

Protect your feet during the summer months

It is tempting for all of us to throw off our shoes during the summer months! However, this is the prime time when people accidentally step on something while wearing sandles, flip flops, or going barefoot. Glass, splinters, rocks-all are common objects that we may step on during the warm months.

It is important to check your feet regularly, especially if you are diabetic or suffer from a serious disease (peripheral vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer). If you think you stepped on something that might still be in your foot, schedule a same-day appointment with a foot doctor. Some objects are visible on X-Rays, but other objects can only be seen with more advanced tests, like MRI or Ultrasound. If you continue to walk with an object in your foot, it may move around in the foot, and this makes it more difficult for a podiatrist to remove.

Have a safe and fun summer!!

Mary Ann Bender, DPM
6931 W North, Oak Park, IL