Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rajai Davis hit on foot by pitch against the Chicago White Sox

During today's White Sox game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Rajai Davis of the Jays was hit on the foot by a Sox pitch. When an object, like a 90 mile an hour pitch, hits the foot, there is a high risk of injury. The most obvious concern is a broken or fractured bone in the foot, which can sideline a player for 6-8 weeks as it heals. However, less obvious injuries can include a bone contusion, sprains, tears of tendons, ligaments, or muscles, and nerve injuries. Being hit by a high speed object can happen in other arenas besides baseball, but if this does happen to your foot it is important to schedule an appointment for evaluation and x-rays. Immediate care of your injury should include RICE: rest, ice, compression (strapping, ace wrap, air cast), and elevation. Contact Dr. Bender, Advanced Physical Medicine, 6931 W. North, Oak Park, IL, 708-763-0580 if you have a foot injury! GO CHICAGO WHITE SOX!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Staying cool on this HOT July 4th!

Greetings and Happy 4th! It is important to stay cool and hydrated during these very hot July days. Make sure to drink plenty of water, seek shade or air conditioning if possible, and wear comfortable and loose clothes. Also, do not forget your sun screen, as the intense rays from the sun are very dangerous to our skin! Have a great and festive holiday!!! Dr. Bender