Friday, August 26, 2011

Oak Park Podiatry-Footcare for Construction Workers

This post came up today from Gilden Tree, the makers of fabulous foot cream. Check out the article for some great tips on protecting your feet if you are a construction worker. There are great ideas about socks, boots, blister prevention, and exercises.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why does Gout affect the Big Toe Joint the Most?

Gout can affect any joint and can also affect more than one joint at a time. However, it most commonly affects the big toe joint. Why?

The blood supply to the toes is much less than to other parts of the body due to the decreased size of the blood vessels. There are two theories about how this can lead to gout at the joint. 1. Periods of inactivity can lead to pooling of the blood (not pumped out of the area as efficiently), and this can cause gout crystals to form in the joint. 2. Due to decreased blood flow in the area, there may be a lower temperature at the joint, which can also cause crystals to form.

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Clinic Closure

Hope everyone is having a nice week! The Advanced Physical Medicine Clinic will be closed for the rest of the week because Dr. Bender is at a conference. We will reopen on Monday, August 15!