Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why do I need a toenail biopsy?

Your toenail is crumbly, brown, or thick? You did not notice over the summer, under your nail polish, or you have been putting off treatment of it. Now is the time to get this toenail treated. Toenails take 9-12 months to grow out, so starting treatment now can get the toenail ready for 2015 summer fun. Most commonly, nails can develop changes when they are infected with fungus, subjected to micro trauma, or if the person has psoriasis. It is important to visit a podiatrist so that a sample of nail can be sent to the lab to determine if fungus is present. The foot doctor will take a portion of nail (usually quite far back) and send it for testing. This will help to identify the cause of the abnormal nail and find a treatment that will work best. Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580

Monday, October 13, 2014

Kevin Durant has a Jones Fracture-What is this?

Oklahoma City Thunder player, Kevin Durant, injured his foot and sustained what is called a Jones Fracture. Three times this weekend, I heard ESPN newscasters call this a fracture of the base of the pinky toe. A Jones fracture is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone, which is the bone on the outside of the forefoot and that corresponds to the fifth toe. The injury is near the base of the bone and is more serious because the blood supply is weaker to this area of the bone. This can cause delayed healing of this fracture. This injury takes 6-8 weeks for initial healing and is treated with surgery or immobilization. Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abnormal Bumps or Color Changes to the Foot

Breast Cancer Awareness month reminds all of us, not just women, to check our bodies for any new bumps, pain, changes, or discolorations. Women get mammograms, annual check ups, and perform self exams to look for any breast changes. Similarly, podiatrists warn diabetics and patients with poor circulation to check the tops and bottoms of their feet daily for any changes. This is all a good rule of thumb for all of us! Check your feet! Look for discolorations or moles that have changed. Look for any bumps, bruises, or new swelling. Check the nails for color or thickness changes or drainage. Check the skin for blistering or scaling. Keeping a healthy body is essential for a long and happy life. If you notice a change to your feet, get it checked out and potentially treated! Happy FEET= a Happy Life! Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580