Thursday, April 18, 2013

April is Foot Health Awareness Month-What are Warts?

Verrucae plantaris or a plantar wart is a growth on the skin caused by a virus. The bottom of the foot is a great location for warts to develop, as feet are warm and sweaty in many people. Warts love warm, moist environments, like our feet, shoes, socks, gyms, locker rooms, showers, and pools. Warts tend to affect kids, teens, and the elderly more than other groups of people, but anyone can get a wart. What does a wart look like? A wart can appear raised (as a single area or multiple raised areas), calloused (thick skin over), whitish (resembling cauliflower), have dark dots (capillaries, or small blood vessels, with dried blood), and often are painful when pinched from side to side. Warts typically get larger and spread with time if untreated on the feet. How do you treat a wart? It is important to see a podiatrist to confirm that the area is actually a wart. There are other conditions that can look like warts. Treatment options include the following: topical treatents (acids), medications, laser therapy, and surgical excision. With the warm months ahead, warts will become a bigger foot issue for many people. If you have a wart, give Dr. Bender a call to schedule your appointment at 708-763-0580. Dr. Bender is a foot and ankle specialist in Oak Park and Chicago.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April is Foot Awareness Month-Summer Exercise

As summer approaches, many of us start thinking about our feet. We are getting more active, so happy and healthy feet are more important. If you are a fan of outdoor exercise, it is essential to wear a supportive athletic shoe that you cannot bend or twist. All athletic shoes vary, so it is important to find a shoe that has what you need: support, cushioning, a large toe box, and/or breathable material. All of us have different issues with our feet. Support and cushioning are essential for all of us. These lower the risk of tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. If you have hammer toes, bunions, or a previous forefoot injury, a large toe box will give your toes enough room to be comfortable. Additionally, breathable materials allow your feet to be exposed to air. This diminishes the risk of warts, athlete's foot, and blisters. Happy Walking! Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580