Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Fun and Feet-Dress Shoes

During the holiday season, many of us have parties, dinners, and get togethers to attend that require fancy or dressy clothes. I am constantly telling my patients this time of year to be careful with their choice of shoes for the festivities. It is important to wear supportive shoes that cannot be bent or twisted and have a heel that cannot be bent inward. Additionally, soft leathers and materials that conform around bunions, hammer toes, and other bumps reduce blisters and pain. Toes with a bigger toe box (the front area for the toes) can allow the toes to move freely. Good choices are round or square toed shoes. High heeled shoes put people at risk for falling and twisting the ankle and also put extra pressure on the forefoot (toes and surrounding areas). Because the foot is in an abnormal or unnatural position with high heels, this increases the risk of injury and pain. Therefore, it is important to be careful what type of shoes you select this holiday season to keep your feet happy and healthy! Foot Pain? Give us a call, 708-763-0580.