Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blood Sugar and your FEET

Diabetes is a serious disease and affects an ever growing number of people in the United States. There is an even larger number of pre-diabetics in the United States who do not even know that they are at an increased risk of developing diabetes. These individuals have elevated blood sugars which are not high enough to put them in the category of Type 2 Diabetes, but they will probably develop it over the next ten years if no intervention for blood sugar control is implemented. Normal blood sugar is between 70-99 mg/dL, and for diabetics and healthy feet, blood sugars should range from 70-120 mg/dL. When levels exceed this range for long periods, nerve damage (neuropathy) and circulation (blood flow) problems can develop, the skin can open up and develop ulcers, the risk of infection increases due to impaired immunity, and healing is delayed. A combination of medication, exercise, a proper diet, reduction of stress, and other factors can be used to control the blood sugar and keep the feet healthy. If you are a diabetic with elevated blood sugars and foot problems, give us a call, 708-763-0580.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Exercise and the Feet

Over the last two months, I participated in two challenging stair climb events in Chicago-Hustle up the Hancock and the Lurie Kids Climb at the AON Bulding. These events support excellent causes that I believe in, but they also offer me a challenge. Because my office and family life can be very busy, along with the numerous committees and groups I am involved with, I am concerned that I may not make exercise a priority in my life. This is the case with most of us, as we have so many different things in our lives that need our attention. Therefore, I made a commitment, set a goal, and spent months walking, running on the treadmill, and in the pool preparing for these events. Exercise is excellent for our bodies, and it is great for our FEET! Regular exercise helps with our circulation and blood flow to the feet. This brings oxygen and nutrients to our feet that are needed for walking, standing, running, and other weightbearing activities. Exercise keeps our muscles, tendons, and ligaments strong and healthy so they can perform as they are supposed to in our feet. Exercise also helps control or prevent certain diseases. In the example of diabetes, exercise is very helpful at reducing and controlling blood sugar, which keeps the nerve and blood flow healthy. It also allows for stronger immunity for fighting infections. Biking and swimming are great forms of exercise for people with foot problems. However, if you need a more specific exercise plan for your foot issue, come in for a visit! 6931 W. North Ave., Oak Park, IL. Exercise is great-give it a shot! 708-763-0580.

Friday, March 4, 2016

MRI and Foot Pain

With the cold, wet weather, people are coming to my office with the complaint of foot or ankle pain that is not getting better after they twisted it. The foot is a complicated part of the body with 28 bones and many small muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold it all together. There are some injuries that are very easy to diagnose, and others that are more challenging. A podiatry exam, x-rays, and occasionally, more advanced tests like MRI or CT scans may be necessary to diagnose a problem. At my office, we use a foot and ankle radiologist for all of our readings on MRI exams, so that we can provide our patients with the most thorough diagnosis. Conventional x-rays can show bone and joint problems in many cases. However, small bones, bones that overlap on x-rays, stress fractures, bone contusions, soft tissue injuries, and other conditions may not show up on a regular x-ray. MRIs are very good for looking at soft tissue problems but can also pick up some of the bone conditions that may not be visible on x-rays in the office. If you require an MRI for your foot condition, we often are required by your insurance to get an approval number before we can schedule your test. Additionally, after your exam, the foot and ankle radiologist may need 3 business days to complete your reading. We are here to help and find a good solution for your foot pain! Give us a call-708-763-0580.