Thursday, July 18, 2013

Broken for for Phillies Player, Ben Revere

Ben Revere of the Phillies has been placed on the disabled list due to a foot fracture. A foot fracture or broken bone typically takes 6-8 weeks to heal, and occasionally can take longer to heal depending on the specific site that was injured. A broken bone usually causes pain, swelling, and in the case of the foot, difficulty standing or walking. Most fractures can be viewed on conventional x-rays, but hairline or stress fractures may only be visible on advanced imaging modalities like MRI, CT, or diagnostic ultrasound. Treatment of foot fractures depends on the location, whether it is displaced, and other factors but typically involves either surgery or immobilization. Rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication may also be used. Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Painful Bumps on the FEET

When I was out of town this weekend visiting my family, my nephew asked me about some painful bumps on the bottom of his foot. Close inspection revealed that he had warts on the bottom of his feet. These are caused by a virus and thrive in warm, moist environments, like our shoes and socks, pools, and locker rooms. Teenagers, like my nephew, are a common age group that get warts. Although, anyone can get them, children and the elderly are the most common. Warts can appear as raised bumps, calloused areas, white areas, or areas with dark dots throughout, and they are typically painful. Warts are challenging to treat but may respond to any of the following: excision, lasers, acids, freezing, or topical medications. Usually, several months of treatment are required to treat the warts. Recurrence can be prevented by keeping the feet as dry as possible by changing socks frequently, wearing shower shoes at the pool or locker room, and using sprays or powders to keep the feet dry. Happy July! Dr. Bender, 708-763-0580