Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Seniors and Proper Shoegear

As the weather improves, people are outside more, and today, I had the opportunity to see many people walking around the community due to the weather. Specifically, I noticed two senior citizens outside walking with their canes, and both had shoegear that was not adequately supporting their feet. Especially with seniors, a supportive walking shoe that cannot bend, collapse, or twist is ideal. This allows the muscles and tendons to work more efficiently when the person is walking by supporting and stabilizing the foot and ankle. If you watch someone walking from behind with a flexible shoe, their ankles and sometimes knees collapse inward, and their toes often point outward. When that same type of foot goes in a supportive walking shoe, the ankle does not collapse in as much and the toes or forefoot are in a better position. Not only do good shoes prevent falls, but they also allow senior citizens to have a better quality of life. The feet will feel more comfortable, less fatigued, and can function better. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me if you have additional questions about your feet and what shoes would be best!