Monday, October 15, 2018

Stress Fractures and Female Runners and Athletes

The Chicago Marathon just took place, and along with the various other races that people are training for, I have seen an increase in stress fractures in the feet. Stress fractures are very small, hairline cracks in one of both sides of a bone that can occur from repetitive trauma, as with running. These are the biggest cause of pain and swelling in the forefoot and top of the foot for women over age 35 that come into my office. Bone density starts to decrease at age 35, and that contributes to this issue, along with the repeated trauma of running and other sports on the feet. Other factors such as obesity, improper shoegear, improper diet, various health conditions and diseases, and improper training can contribute to stress fractures in female recreational athletes. Stress fractures do not always show up on x-rays and additional tests may be necessary. Sometimes, the diagnosis is purely a clinical one based on the office exam. Do you have foot pain and swelling? Give us a call for an appointment, 708-763-0580, or visit for more information or to schedule online.