Friday, April 27, 2012

United Health Care

Dr. Bender accepts all PPO insurance plans, including United Health Care. The other physicians and physical therapists no longer accept UHC, but Dr. Bender is still in network with all UHC PPO plans! Make your appointment today! Dr. Bender, Advanced Physical Medicine, 6931 W. North Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302, 708-763-0580

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting an exercise program

Now that the weather is improving, many of us are motivated to get outside for some exercise. Running, walking, or cross training shoes with good support and cushioning are essential before your start a new work out program. Lack of support in shoes can cause stress fractures, tendonitis, sprains, blisters, and other foot or ankle problems. It is important to set a reasonable goal for yourself, whether it is running, walking or biking. Once you set a goal, it is essential that you pace yourself by not doing too much too quickly. Work up to your goal by adding time or mileage over a period of time! A training log will help measure how far you are going with each activity. It may also be helpful to record how you feel after each training session, so you can decide whether to add distance or speed next time. Finally, do not forget to drink plenty of water (64 ounces per day) and to stretch before and after your work out!

Happy Spring!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

APMA article on Common Foot Mistakes

The following is a post from the American Podiatric Medical Association about common mistakes people make with their feet.
As an APMA member, I am excited to share this interesting article with you! If you have foot pain, please contact Dr. Bender at 708-763-0580.

National Foot Health Awareness Month Brings Attention to Common Mistakes

Top Five Mistakes in Footcare Include Compromising on Fit, Chosing the Wrong Athletic Shoe

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, and the American Podiatric Medical Association along with Spenco Medical Corporation outline the top five mistakes made when it comes to footcare. Whether it’s an athlete, a woman who wears high heels on a daily basis or simply someone who is prone to common foot ailments, following a few simple rules will make the difference in walking or exercising in comfort.

“Many individuals think that discomfort from shoes is normal, but this does not have to be the case,” said Jeff Antonioli, Global Sales Director of Spenco, a leading producer in the nation for high quality insole and footcare products. “By avoiding a few of the common missteps, individuals can prevent many long-term issues that can arise simply by ignoring a problem.”

The APMA and Spenco outline the top mistakes made when it comes to foot health:

Skipping Regular Maintenance. It’s easy to slip on a pair of shoes each day and forget simple foot upkeep. Be sure to always wash your feet daily with soap and water to remove germs and grime. Make it a goal to keep feet dry to ward off athlete’s foot, which tends to grow in moist, damp environments. When trimming toenails, always keep them short and cut straight across or with a slight curve.
Compromising on the Fit. Finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a little more time consuming, but a decision that will pay off greatly in the end. When buying a new shoe, get fitted by an associate if possible, especially since shoe sizes can vary greatly depending on the brand. The best time to shoe shop is late in the afternoon or evening because feet tend to swell over the course of the day. Once a pair of shoes has been worn for a while, watch for signs of wear in the tread, midsole and cushiony part just before the sole.
Choosing the Wrong Athletic Shoe. Sports-specific shoes help athletes’ performance and can prevent injuries. For example, a basketball shoe helps avoid common injuries like sprains, tendinitis and stress fractures with thin stiff soles and high ankle construction. Running shoes should provide different support; a perfect jogging shoe should have maximum shock absorption and match the runner’s arch type. Athletic shoes wear much faster than regular shoes so it is important to replace yearly or once signs of wear begin to show.
Disregarding Common Foot Issues. Warts, smelly feet, ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot are the most common foot problems and should not be ignored. All can be improved significantly by keeping feet clean and dry. For these conditions, try a home remedy to see if the problem subsides. In-grown toenails can sometimes be fixed by soaking the toe in lukewarm water and Epsom salts for 20 minutes, three to four times a day. If the problem persists with these common foot problems, individuals should call a podiatrist.
Putting Full Trust into Your Salon. When treating yourself to a pedicure, be sure to resist the urge to sit back and ignore what the technician is doing. Never allow a salon to use a foot razor to remove dead skin. Using a razor can result in permanent damage if used incorrectly and can easily cause infection if too much skin is removed. Also, consider bringing your own pedicure tools for the technician to use. If the salon fails to properly sterilize its tools, bacteria and fungus can easily move from one person to the next.
About American Podiatric Medical Association

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the nation’s leading professional organization for today’s podiatrists. Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) are qualified by their education, training, and experience to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and structures of the leg. APMA has 53 state component locations across the United States and its territories, with a membership of more than 12,000 podiatrists. All practicing APMA members are licensed by the state in which they practice podiatric medicine. For more information, visit

Midwest Podiatry Conference

Dr. Bender will be attending the Midwest Podiatry Conference this weekend in Chicago to learn about the latest advances in podiatric medicine. Office hours for the Oak Park office will not be affected! For your podiatric needs, please call the Oak Park office at 708-763-0580.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oak Park Race That's Good for Life

Congratulations to all of the runners and walkers who completed the Race That's Good for Life today, sponsored by the Oak Park Runner's Club. Thank you for stopping by our booth at the event! What a beautiful day in Oak Park for a run!