Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Boots and your FEET

As the snow continues to fall in Chicagoland, it is important to look for snow boots that are supportive, warm, and have good traction on the bottom (to prevent falls). When inspecting the heel of the boot, you should not be able to compress it inward with your hands. The arch should have some built in support and not be completely flat. Additionally, you should not be able to twist the part of the boot where the foot belongs.

Further, you need a boot which is made of warm materials that will help insulate your foot. Cold, wet weather can lead to cold injuries, such as frostbite. Frostbite can cause numbness, tingling, blisters, open sores, and gangrene (brown or black areas). If you have any of these symptoms, you need to report to the nearest Emergency Room.

Finally, you need boots that have good traction on the bottom, so that you will not fall on ice or wet surfaces.

Happy Winter!!

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Dr. Bender

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is the thick structure on the back of your heel and ankle. It connects the heel to the back of the knee, so it is an important structure. In many people, the Achilles tendon is tight, and this can cause problems over time, such as tendonitis or tears. Additionally, overuse or a twist/fall/abrupt turn of the foot or ankle can cause injury to the tendon.

If you have soreness to this area of your ankle, it is important to get it checked out by a podiatrist. Easy treatments can occur ice, stretching, physical therapy, rest, strapping, heel lifts, walking boots, ankle braces, or antiinflammatory medications. If the condition is not improving, an ultrasound or MRI may be ordered to determine if there are tears within the tendon. If there is a tear, immobilization or repair (surgery) are the treatments typically rendered.

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