Monday, January 9, 2017

Exercise and your Feet

Now that we are in a new year, people are very motivated to exercise, be healthy, and start good habits. From a general health stand point, this is great. It is important to note, that you need to work up to your exercise goals! If you are just starting cardiovascular exercises, for example, and have not been exercising regularly, it is essential to start off slowly with your exercise program and build up as your body allows. This is particularly important for the feet! Every year in January and in the Spring when the weather improves, people come into my office with foot pain and swelling because they did not allow their body to slowly adjust to their fitness goals. If you have not been running since last summer, it is ideal to combine walking, jogging, and running or even alternate with the bike or swimming. Too much too fast can cause pain, shin splints, stress fractures, heel pain, and other conditions. Additionally, select a shoe that is supportive when exercising, and this will further stabilize and protect your feet. Foot pain? Give us a call! 708-763-0580 NOW OPEN ON MONDAYS IN FOREST PARK, 708-738-9347