Thursday, October 20, 2011

Advanced Physical Medicine at Frank Lloyd Wright Races 2011, Oak Park,IL

Come visit the Advanced Physical Medicine team at the 2011 Frank Lloyd Wright Races, this Sunday, Oct. 23, in Oak Park, IL. Massages will be provided for participants, and we will be passing out information and answering questions about our services. Dr. Bender will be available to answer any foot questions you may have. Make sure you get your free reusable bag from Dr. Bender at the event!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My big toe hurts!? What is bunion pain? Presented by Dr. Bender, Oak Park, IL

What is that big bump on the side of your big toe and how did it get there? Often, it is a bunion, and this occurs when the big toe joint moves out of alignment. This causes the head of the first metatarsal to become very prominent and form a bump. Sometimes, this bump is not painful and does not impact walking or standing. However, when the bump becomes red, inflamed, and irritated, it is a problem that requires treatment.

What are the causes of bunions? Common causes include the following: flat feet, genetics, arthritis, trauma, certain diseases, and improper shoegear.

How are they treated? Bunions can be treated conservatively with medication, padding, changes in shoegear, orthotics, or injections. These conservative treatments do not remove the bunion but can ease the pain. The only way to permanently remove a bunion is through surgery. If you have significant pain, this may be the answer for you. However, initial healing from bunion surgery takes 6-8 weeks, so it is important that you discuss the details of the surgery with your doctor to make sure surgery is right for you.

If you have this or another foot condition, please contact Dr. Bender, Advanced Physical Medicine, for an appointment.

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