Monday, November 26, 2018

Your feet and the Snowy Day

Snow in November? Blizzard conditions in November? Some people may not be ready for this cold and snowy day since it arrived early. Not only do you need to worry about your coat, gloves, and hat, but you also need to give some thought to your winter boots. Winter boots should be warm, waterproof and supportive. Nothing is worse than trekking through the snow in boots that do not offer support of the arch, heel and ankle, as this can lead to pain. Pain in the feet and ankles but also in the hips, knees, and back. The skeleton consists of bones that connect with each other, so disrupting one part of the entity can cause pain or problems in another area. Waterproof boots that keep the feet warm and dry can protect against frostbite. In addition to support, it is also good if the boots protect you from falling or sliding by being slip resistant. Obviously, serious injuries can occur when you fall in the winter: sprains, broken bones, abrasions (skin injuries), and contusions. Enjoy the warm weather, but do not forget to protect your feet! Questions? Schedule an appointment at or 708-763-0580.

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